Updated therapy solutions for diabetes treatment

Diabetes is the science that studies diabetes mellitus, the metabolic disorder that leads to increased blood sugar levels, either through insulin deficiency (type 1 diabetes mellitus) or through increased tissue resistance to endogen insulin (type 2 diabetes mellitus )or during pregnancy (gestational diabetes)

Diabetes mellitus is a disease with increasing prevalenceregarding type 2 diabetes mellitus, in association with metabolic syndrome, where prevalence in Greece is estimated at 2.9% according to recent studies, as well as type 1 diabetes mellitus, where an increasing incidence is also observed in the last few years.

Diabetes specialist Mary Triantafyllidou, in her private practice endopraxis, in Kavala, through careful study of each case, diagnosis and personalised therapy with the most updated therapeutic solutions, is by your side, in every step, for efficient control of your blood sugar levels.

She supports you in use and application of contemporary technology means for measurement of blood sugar levels and continuous insulin supply through insulin pumps/hybrid closed loop systems.