Metabolic diseases: prevention, diagnosis and treatment

Metabolism is the total of reactions that take place in every cell of the human body, that target energy production and preservation of life. Metabolic disorders are separated in acquired and inborn.

Most common acquired metabolic disorders are obesity, vitamin deficiency, osteoporosis, rachitis, dyslipidemias etc.

Inborn metabolic disordersare less common and are associated with inherited mutations ( familial hypercholesterolemia, cystic fibrosis, Fanconi syndrome, Gitelman symdrome, phenylketonuria etc)

Dr.Mary Triantafyllidouhas gathered years of experience andis specialised in the diagnosis and treatment of metabolic diseases, as well as advisory support for the prevention of metabolic diseases.

After years of collaboration with the adiposity boards of Lucerne and Zurich, she offers in her private endocrinology-diabetes practice endopraxis, in Kavala, advisory services and contemporary methods for treatment of the disease.

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